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Multi-Frequency WST Rectifiers

Substantial research confirms that a single and unique pulse frequency is required to plate a particular hole diameter in a panel of a particular thickness with 100% throwing power.  Since most, if not all panels have multiple hole sizes and/or various size blind vias, it is necessary to have multiple frequencies of pulses to plate each feature size with 100% throwing power.  When using a single frequency pulse rectifier a “batch program is commonly used where the plating frequency is changed a number of times during the plating cycle.  With this approach, a single frequency is used for some minutes, and then changed to another frequency.  This method of batch programming is a way to “average” the plating on the board’s various features; however, once non-uniform plating has begun, it cannot be corrected later in the plating process. 

Furthermore, as the aspect ratios increase,  the single frequency on a conventional pulse rectifier must also increase to obtain 100% throwing power,  however, for very high aspect ratios there is a point beyond which classic PPR waveforms alone are inadequate, and do not achieve 100% throwing power.  To overcome the limitations of these single frequency pulse rectifiers, BTA developed its Wave Switching Technology (WST) complex waveform, multi-frequency pulse rectifier, which is specifically designed for advanced technology, multi-featured, high value-added printed circuit boards.

  WST combines the benefits of both pulse and pulse reverse
    rectifiers, allowing users to program in “rests” within the forward
    and/or reverse pulses.  This drastically improves the throwing
    power on very high aspect ratio applicatons.

  WST allows the user to run a multi-frequency waveform with up to
    five (5) pulse/pulse reverse waveforms each second. 

  The WST multi-frequency waveform eliminates the need for
     “batching” cycles and the ongoing demand for process
     engineering assistance.

  95% of all WST users require only 1 or 2 waveforms for ALL
    products in their factory. 

  WST eliminates the worries about cable inductance common with
    single-frequency, square waveform PPR rectifiers and, therefore,
    the need for costly coaxial cable.

  New or refurbished WST systems are available.

  WST Makes pulse plating SIMPLE!!!

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