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The world is a shrinking place, with technology developed on one continent being instantaneously transported to another.  Much of what Baker Technology Associates (BTA) has been able to accomplish over the last 30 years is directly related to our KEY, strategic relationships, here and abroad.  In addition to ongoing successful vendor arrangements, we have joint ventures where partners may collectively  fund research, hire employees, and in some instances even jointly approach the market.

Aucos - Controls & Positioning Systems
Controls & Positioning Systems

BTA’s sole controls partner for more than 30 years, AUCOS AG, is the world’s largest plating/wet processing system controls firm, with more than 60 specialists devoted solely to the design and engineering of software and control systems for automated electroplating, anodizing, solar and metal finishing systems.

Aucos controls’ unique flexibility and adaptability have been effectively integrated into hundreds of new and existing (retrofitted) systems. There are more than 1000 AUCOS sites in North/South America, Europe and Asia.  With the specific advantages of each AUCOS system, BTA is able to more effectively meet our specific clients’ processing requirements.

Riley Surface World
Used Wet Processing Systems

At the 2015 International Surfin Exhibition, BTA joined forces with Riley Surface World, the largest USED plating and electroplating equipment dealer in Europe.  Riley has a long-term and exemplary reputation for quality equipment and service, and during this initial year, we have jointly marketed a European plating system to a respected client in Mexico.

Hi-Ji Co., Ltd.
Plating Systems

Twenty five (25) years ago BTA recognized the need for a mechanical subcontracting partner working in stainless steel who could adhere strictly to BTA’s designs and quality specifications, constructing cost effective programmable hoists, structures and pre-packaged tank lines, primarily for the printed circuit board industry.

Since the mid 90s, HI-JI has demonstrated its quality and has been a constant and reliable partner.  Over time, we’ve expanded the need for their efforts to include aerospace, anodizing and other industries.  Using standardized BTA designs, we’re even able to sell these automated hoists, structures, etc., to smaller, 3rd party, NEW equipment OEMs here in North America for their resale.

MKV - PCB Plating Systems
European Metal Finishing Technonlogy

BTA joining forces with The Buffoli Group came as a result of a long-term relationship with Dr. Franco Marchetti, a PhD mechanical engineer with whom BTA partnered in the early 2000s, together orchestrating numbers of specialized, unique automated plating facilities, that even a decade later are considered to be “state-of-the-art.”

With Dr. Marchetti functioning as the Technical Interface Manager of BTA/Buffoli efforts in North America, we are confident of repeating our earlier successes with his assistance nearly 10 years ago.  Today, the Buffoli Group is comprised of a number of respected Italian plating equipment OEMs, whose  collective  specialties, and aggregate financial strength, allow The Buffoli Group and BTA to collaborate on much larger valued projects than in the past.

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