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PLATEXPRESS™, a recently patented method for barrel plating facilities that eliminates many drawbacks of more conventional barrel systems, enabling one to:

Significantly increase throughput without additional hoists, and the
   reduced efficiencies that come with lines having large numbers of
   hoists in-line

Improve the uniformity of plating distribution on all the parts within
   the barrel

Minimize the distance between anode and cathode, thereby
   reducing energy consumption, with no risk of collision during barrel

Eliminate the need to drag a barrel over others with the
   consequence of highly concentrated and corrosive substances
   deteriorating the underlying barrels, exhaust hoods and anode bars

Minimize the fumes from barrels once travelling outside of a tank

Reduce the machine footprint details

PLATEXPRESS System Benefits:

Higher production vs. traditional plating lines with same operational

Faster deposition and improved distribution
Lower electrical power consumption
Reduced energy (heating) costs
Lower solution dragout
Water consumption and floorspace requirements reduced by
   >50% details

Reduced maintenance costs
Lower exhaust emissions and recurring cost of make-up air

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