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Flexible, Optimized, Production-Scheduling Controls

  • Advanced real-time simulation/verification of machine layout and present/future capacities & processes.
  • Ability to run compatible, odd-lot-size parts on a common workbar.
  • Optimized throughput of process recipes with varying plating times, without requirement for part/rack storage space or queue.
  • In-depth fault diagnostics.
  • 24/7 Remote modem service (PC & PLC) available.
  • Extensive part database for enhanced control & traceability.
  • Available in Windows, UNIX & Linux platforms.

High Reliability, Infra-Red Hoist Positioning System

  • Permits higher hoist speeds for increased line throughput and/or longer drip times.
  • "Absolute" positioning, with no mechanical contact.
  • No reference points, calibration or adjustment required.
  • High accuracy (+/- .03 inches).
  • Automatically finds correct location without under/over- travel.
  • Instantaneous recognition of hoist location in the event of power loss.
  • Self-diagnostics

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