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PLATEXPRESS, a recently patented method for barrel plating facilities that eliminates many drawbacks of more conventional barrel systems, enabling one to:
• Significantly increase throughput without    additional hoists, and the reduced efficiencies    that come with lines having large numbers of    hoists in-line.
• Improve the uniformity of plating distribution on    all the parts within the barrel.
• Minimize the distance between anode and    cathode, thereby reducing energy consumption,   with no risk of collision during barrel insertion.
• Eliminate the need to drag a barrel over others    with the consequence of highly concentrated and    corrosive substances deteriorating the underlying    barrels, exhaust hoods and anode bars.
• Minimize the fumes from barrels once travelling    outside of a tank.
• Reduce the machine footprint

PLATEXPRESS System Benefits:

• Higher production vs. traditional plating lines    with same operational conditions.
• Faster deposition and improved distribution.
• Lower electrical power consumption.
• Reduced energy (heating) costs.
• Lower solution dragout.
• Water consumption and floorspace    requirements reduced by >50%  details
• Reduced maintenance costs.

• Lower exhaust emissions and recurring cost    of make-up air.


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