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Our equipment offerings for BARREL PLATING are the most diverse in the industry!
Unlike competitors with limited product designs, we’ve successfully integrated equipment and technology
from our long-term Strategic Partners into our designs and systems. With a significantly broader range of
products, we objectively determine the appropriate and cost effective solutions for your particular needs.
BTA has "NO AXE TO GRIND"  in the flexible way we approach your Barrel System needs and budget.

Barrel Equipment Solutions include:

• The patented PLATEXPRESS™ System which is    unique in it's ability to provide a more consistent    finish with lower operating costs.
• The HYBRID System, which utilizes many of the    PLATEXPRESS™ features, but with traditional    barrel/hoist orientation.
• Stainless steel "mini" hoists **
• Steel and Stainless Cantilevered (Side-arm) hoists **
• Steel and stainless railrider hoists
• Overhead cranes for high capacity, double barrels

available with environmental enclosures

Energy-conserving designs are a specialty
By minimizing losses from heated tanks, and dramatically reducing exhaust cfm (often by more than 80%), we offer significant savings in recurring heated make-up air and energy consumption, especially in Northern U.S. & Canada.

Water-conserving “Multi-Rinses” reduce floorspace and water consumption by >50%. These have been used for years within U.S. “HYBRID” installations. These lines require only a single rinse station on-line, in lieu of 2 and/or 3 station counterflow rinses, thus shortening the line footprint & number of hoists required.

- a time-proven, patented system used for years in the U.S. Unlike conventional, centrifugal drying, more delicate parts need not be dumped into spin baskets for placement inside the dryers. Rather, following final on-line rinse, barrel is conveyed to semi-vacuum dryer stations with special, minimal rotational cycle. The barrel dryers are available with automatic covers, to minimize energy losses.

Integral to the system’s success is state-of-the-art controls
For more than 20 years, we have exclusively utilized AUCOS
control systems.  All systems are available with:

• Flexible, Production-Scheduling/Optimized Controls
• Advanced real-time simulation/verification of layout and    capacities.   
• Optimized concurrent processing of widely varying process    recipes and dwell times.  Unlike less intelligent “dynamic    scheduling systems”, there is no need for part/fixture    storage or queue.
• Superior, in-depth fault diagnostics.
• Global, modem service (PC front-end & PLC), available 24/7
• Extensive part database, enhanced control & traceability
• Available in UNIX,  LINUX & Windows platforms.
• High accuracy infra-red & laser hoist positioning systems

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