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Used Plating Equipment

Used Plating Equipment - click on logo to visit website

BTA is proud to announce the recent launch of our redesigned website dedicated to providing a wide variety of high quality and cost effective pre-owned alternatives to buying brand new plating equipment.

In good times and bad, we've seen that often USED as well as BARELY or NEVER USED equipment is available for any number of reasons, and at prices that are SIGNIFICANTLY lower than BRAND NEW.

Used Plating Systems

Used Plating Equipment - click to visit website

Unlike some used equipment dealers who are essentially running a "junkyard" operation, BTA is very selective about the equipment we buy and/or sell... our reputation as a knowledgeable and reputable plating equipment specialist is always on the line.

We do our normal technical due diligence, to be certain that the equipment is in working shape, and without fundamental design flaws.

Because of our expertise in the system control and rectifier fields, we're able to take a somewhat "tired and inflexible" piece of equipment and give it a new lease on life...offering a high degree of flexible product/process cycling.

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