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PRINTED CIRCUIT BOARD wet processing systems are our specialty

The vast majority of automated lines we’ve installed over the last 20 years have been for printed circuit boards.  At the time of the pwb industry’s precipitous fall, in 2000-01, BTA was the leading U.S. supplier to what were considered “Tier #1” board companies, i.e. Sanmina, Tyco,  DDI, Rockwell-Collins, etc.

Unlike its competitors, BTA will not force-fit” you into a line which we’ve built previously for others.  Our diverse range of hoist systems allows us to be highly objective when determining the best system for your needs and footprint.

BTA’s success in the PWB field can be attributed to the following:

• High Quality, robust, stainless steel mechanical equipment    offered at competitive  prices
• Unique, highly flexible optimizing/scheduling control    systems with capabilities NOT available from any other    U.S. of foreign source.
• Professional Project Management staff to insure    information flow and proper system coordination.
• Pulse Plating Systems’ Expertise (equipment and    chemical), enabling BTA to guarantee a level of plating    performance not available from any other plating    equipment firm.  WST is our own, proprietary, multi-    frequency, complex waveform pulse system, and is used    throughout North America and Asia by firms such as:
   TTM, DDI, Sanmina, Elec & Eltek, Multek

WST2 Pulse Plating Rectifiers WST2 Pulse Plating Rectifiers WST2 Pulse Plating Rectifiers BTA E-Coat Switchmode Rectifiers